The following testimonials have been generously submitted by patients I have seen within my homeopathic practice:

  • I often wonder where I would be without Homeopathy, of all of the alternative and conventional solutions I have tried homeopathy has without a doubt had the biggest impact on me emotionally, mentally and physically. When I moved county’s a few years ago, I left behind a Homeopath who I trusted implicitly. I was wary about seeing someone new but I shouldn’t have worried because Jacquie has surpassed all of my expectations and continues to do so with every remedy she prescribes. For anybody that is new to Homeopathy and considering it I would say don’t hesitate, it’s a game changer. For anybody that’s looking for a Homeopath I would recommend Jacquie in a heartbeat.”  (MB Axminster)


  • “I have suffered for a number of years from both pain and stress. Meeting Jacqui was like a tonic in itself. She has helped me enormously both physiologically and homoeopathically.  She has amazing empathy which allows you to totally relax in her sessions.  I can honestly say I have not felt this good in years.  I would thoroughly recommend her and indeed have done so to numerous friends and acquaintances.” (L)


  • I have had bad congestion on and off for 5 years – different symptoms at different times but often recurring blocked ears, throat and nasal congestion,, sore eyes.  When I lost my sense of smell and taste and this went on for several weeks I was at my wits end.  I was fortunate to be able to contact a sympathetic and understanding homeopath (Jacquie).  She discussed my symptoms with me at length and was very attentive and reassuring.  She prescribed a remedy for me and after taking it I began to feel much better than I had been for 5 years.  My sense of smell and taste has returned and my energy and sense of wellbeing too”. (MS Sidmouth)


  • “What a positive experience – the homeopathic remedies prescribed by Jacquie worked effectively and with no side effects. I was impressed with Jacquie’s calm and interested approach as well as her ability to sift through the information I gave her to get to the heart of the problem. In fact, the remedy she chose for me treated not just the problem I had sought help with but another one which I had not realised could be related. I have much more energy now and consequently much better quality of life”.   (SW Taunton)


  • “I have been diagnosed with severe endometriosis by laparoscopy.  I complained of severely painful, heavy periods with lots of clots in periods.  My pain and loss of blood used to keep me off work for about 20-30 days per year.  Jacquie found a way how to help me with homeopathy.  Why my choice was homeopathy?  Because there are no side effects from homeopathic remedies.  After 4 months treatment I could see  good effect.  There was not simply a case of “feeling better” because my symptoms had subsided.  `It was amazing!  I have been amazed with the excellent and effective homeopathic care!  Thanks Jacquie!”  (KO Taunton)


  • “After 4 visits and 2 remedies I feel much better. I visited initially for multiple joint inflammation and hormonal changes. I now feel much better, less stressed and more positive for the future. The joint pain has subsided and I feel more balanced. Well done Jacquie and thank you!”   (JS Burnham on Sea)


  • “I came to see Jacquie when I was laid low for the third time with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS).  It was great to find someone so knowledgeable, thorough and empathetic. After a long and extensive consultation the remedy she prescribed me was really helpful in my recovery. I wish I’d seen her when I had my first episode of CFS three years ago!”  (JN Lyme Regis)


  • “My 15 month old daughter had endured recurrent ear infections that had caused her huge discomfort and I was very concerned that her doctor was not able to recommend any course of action to prevent this pain. On a friend’s recommendation I visited Jacquie, the first time I have consulted a homeopath. I was delighted to find out that some other difficulties my daughter was experiencing with temper tantrums and possessive behaviour may also be treatable. With an open mind her tiny pill was administered and we have seen a very marked improvement in mood, health and behaviour since. She is more playful, less concerned with my whereabouts (she was glued to my side), she has had a really bad head cold that would usually lead to ear pain and that has not occurred. I am over the moon with the work Jacquie has done and would highly recommend her”.  (Mrs Clarke re daughter aged 18 months Exeter)


  • “I can highly recommend Jacquie as a homeopath, she has been fantastic at providing help with remedies to deal with my young son who has learning difficulties and we are making good progress with her help.  I have found her very thorough  and very empathetic and professional. I have felt very comfortable talking to her about personal matters that affect my son and our family and found her kind, thoughtful and patient”. (TN Taunton) 
  • “I have only known Jacquie for 3-4 months and feel fortunate to have found her, my previous homeopath having left the area. During that time I have had several sessions with Jacquie and have found her easy to talk to so one can relax with her. When we first met I was in a low mood, stressed and anxious besides having some physical problems. Jacquie seems very astute and her combined expertise and insight have done wonders for me in a relatively short time. I have great confidence in Jacquie’s healing skills and have already recommended her to others” .  (MB Taunton)


  • “I was most impressed at the sympathetic help I received when I came to “Acorn Homeopathy” at the Axminster Health and Wellbeing Centre for a consultation with Jacquie Haylett, and the beautiful remedies she prescribed especially for me from my rather garbled history!  After a few days of taking them I began to feel so much better in myself – wonderful.  I am  looking forward to the second step of my treatment where as I have  great confidence in Jacquie and the lovely natural remedies  I shall overcome all my fears”. (ST Axminster)


  • “I went to see Jacquie pre my knee replacement. Her consultation was thorough and very in depth. She talked through with me the appropriate homeopathic remedies to take before and after my operation. As the remedies are all natural substances I felt I had enhanced my healing.  (SB Colyton)


  • “If I broke any bones or needed a blood test I would visit my doctor,  however for help with emotional problems I visit a homeopathic practitioner.  At present I am coming to terms with my age, things which up until a year ago I managed.  My sleep pattern altered and I often felt useless.  Jacquie has let me talk through my frustration in learning to accept my limitations.  She supports and suggests ways of tackling my problems.  I feel she understands, she is not dismissive and I look forward to seeing her knowing she has time for me.  I will continue to need her as she is reassuring and helps me.  I miss my former homeopath who retired but I was lucky to find Jacquie on a friend’s recommendation”.  (JB, Age 83 Taunton)


  • “Having suffered from severe psoriasis for nearly two years, I decided to turn to homeopathy having been recommended to it  by a friend. I searched the internet for a local practitioner and found Jacquie.  I immediately felt at ease with her and decided if I was going to get any results I must stick at it because there is never a quick fix. Homeopathy treats the whole person to try and get to the root of why our bodies react in the way they do. Jacquie was friendly, empathetic and sensitive at our meetings, and 9 months down the line there has been a distinct improvement in the condition of my skin, and my general well being. I would definitely recommend Jacquie for help in treating a wide range of problems”. (SB Taunton)


  • “Seeing how small the tablet was I thought there was no way in the world it would make any difference to how I felt! But after taking it I was amazed at how my symptoms eased. Thank you!”  (LS Hemyock)

NB:  The above testimonials represent the personal opinion of the people who have submitted them and are not evidence of the effectiveness of homeopathy.